Atlanta Area

Atlanta Area

If you read What is Atlanta Metropolitan, then you know how big Atlanta, Georgia really is. This means there is a ton of stuff to do in the Atlanta area. To the point that researching ideas and building an itinerary for the day can be completely overwhelming. So here are some simple steps to help you figure out what to do.

Choose an Atlanta Area

The easiest way to figure out stuff to do in Atlanta is not to search for a bunch of different places you want to explore. But to start with figuring out where in Atlanta you want to be.

You want to choose a designated area which makes it easier for you to explore all the places and options that area has to offer. This could be done by choosing an area you will already be in for a given reason. Or this could be an area you just haven’t explored yet and want to learn more about.

Choosing an area first and then planning stuff to do in that area is a great way to maximize the experience of that particular neighborhood.

How to Understand the Atlanta Area

Here is an interactive map to understand how the Atlanta areas, also referred to as neighborhoods, are nestled together. You can easily spend an entire day exploring some of the larger areas such as downtown Atlanta, midtown Atlanta and Little Five Points. Or you can visit a few of the smaller neighborhoods in one day such as Virginia Highland and Poncey Highland or Sweet Auburn and Castleberry Hill.

How to Use the Area Map

Click on a colored area and the map will tell you which neighborhood area that is. Click on the icon to the left of the map name for more options to toggle different areas on and off.


There are many areas with their own personalities, attractions, shops and restaurants. Once you have chosen one or multiple nearby areas, then plan out your itinerary of stuff to do in those particular areas.

Here is a list of 15 different yet popular Atlanta areas  ranging in a variety of sizes from big and small with highlights of what they have to offer.

Ansley Park

Atlantic Station



Candler Park

Castleberry Hill


Druid Hills

Grant Park

Inman Park

Little Five Points


Old Fourth Ward